With the traditional Austrian greeting “Grüß Gott”, we warmly welcome you to
die ALLEE zum Genuss!

Have you ever asked yourself what a piece of history might taste like? No? Well, it’s time to find out! Guests of “der ALLEE” find themselves surrounded in nearly 500 years of fascinating history. In 1537, Kaiser Ferdinand II cleared a path through the dense forest of the Vienna Prater, forming what is now known as the Prater Allee lined with its world-famous chestnut trees. 480 years later, the entertainment entrepreneurs Philipp Pracser and Miridon Berisha opened the restaurant „die ALLEE – zum Genuss“ in May 2017. Surrounded by the majestic elegance of these legendary chestnut trees, guests can experience one the most authentic Viennese outdoor dining experiences. We invite you to join us on a unique culinary journey, steeped in rich history and exquisite flavor, all to be found in the legendary Vienna Prater. Sample local delicacies, international cuisine and our very own Viennese version of Barbecue. First and foremost, follow our personal motto – Enjoy!

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